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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zakee Kuduro

Philly's Zakee Kuduro makes another level, another world beats thats flipping me out. One part Angolan stutterbeat maelstrom, one part RATM noise attack, one part sweet siren melodies from Ghanaian vocalist Anbuley.

From the Janka Nabay (= always awesome) drop on the intro, Sane Eba has been rattling around my brain like a bass injected wild dog. Signed to Green Owl he's currently on production duties for M.I.A., Rye Rye, Theophilus London and more. Zakee's been making music in Ghana, check out his experiences in this interview with Fiftyonefiftyone.

Zakee Kuduro -Sane Eba

He's also got a furious Buraka Som Sistema remix floating around out there. Here is Zakee and Anbuley throwing it down live for Dante Fried Chicken.

Zakee Kuduro and Anbuley X DFC from promise smith on Vimeo.


Miri Tee said...

I like the painting in that photo.

Anonymous said...

This kid is so damn hot. I think his sound is the future of World Music. So much talent,and such abstract drums. I love it

Miguel said...

Banging friend. I love this new Ku Ku Bass music this kid is making. He's raising the bar for World music. Keep rocking Zakee,we love your music.

Dave Quam said...

whoa dude, this is fucking killer! Good looking out!

Casey said...

He sounds like Timbaland on a steroids. It's amazing!

eda said...