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Friday, October 09, 2009


As you can probably already tell we're becoming huge fans of DJ Mpula out of Lisboa. We've posted links to his mix for Akwaaba Music and to his album as part of Batida. He's doing some of my favorite African electronic tracks out there, pushing the modern electronic sounds of Kuduro, but with a seemingly deep knowledge of older musics, explicitly referencing the roots of the genre but keeping it fresh and contemporary with great results. The kind of thing I fiend for. One of the tracks available on the Batida album Dance Mwangole is Bazuka. It's a good Kuduro track with heavy bass, but there's another element in there that really draws me deeply into it. I discovered what after hearing the original on Akwaaba Music's Carlos Lamartine release. Listen to both here:


Carlos Lamartine-Bassoka

I'm sure there are plenty of samples to dig for equally amazing old school originals on the Batida album. Semba music is so romantic to me, combining the sound of bands I remember hearing as a youth like T.P. Ok Jazz, and Orchestra Super Mazembe, with the Angolan flavor that I seem to be addicted to as an adult.

Buy Carlos Lamertine's on at Akwaaba Music or through itunes or at amazon.

And check out an interview with him here:

Akwaaba meets Carlos Lamartine from Akwaaba Music on Vimeo.

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