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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Best Live set you will Ever Download

Pic: Joel Veitch Flickr

Just before Wiley dropped his eskibeats and Pulse X changed UK Bass music forever, garage was fast and punishing. Sidewinder were the original garage/grime raves in the UK, one of the first parties to take grime DJs and MCs out of London to the rest of the UK.

Sidewider raves were so classic you can now buy flyers on ebay. The awesome thing was that they recorded loads of the live sets and sold them as tape packs.

I dug this one out of the grime cave, think its from around 2002.

Roll Deep's Maxwell D, Flowdan & DJ Principal take it into the dark hour. They hardly take a breath.

Roll Deep live @ Sidewinder

In more recent BIG Grime news

Is anything better than P- Money right now? Produced by Sukh knight taken from his mixtape Money Over Everyone (Buyable).

Freestyle on Logan Sama's show is big too..


Dave Quam said...

goddamn thats a big claim man, grabbing this now.

enz said...

Love this!!
Thanks alot+all the best!#

3re said...

Cool, thanks for reminding us