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Friday, October 09, 2009

Wine an go Down

The latest Heatwave mix is a hammer.

Earlier this summer I was walking through Brixton market, Atlantic road where you can pick up the latest bootlegged cd dancehall jams blasting from pavement soundsystems. Normally its straight Mavado or Munga but that day I did a doubletake. I was hearing some hype vocals but the riddim wasn't the normal bashment stutter. It was faster and 4/4. Whoa. Turned out to be Aidonia spitting over Crazy Cousin's funky anthem Inflation, a massive track called Bounce.

The ever excellent Heatwave have taken this awesome sonic crossover of UK funky beats with JA vocals and made a wicked mix of literally Funky Bashment. Basically every tracks a banger. Especially Natalie Storm's special Heatwave version of Play Di Ting.

Heatwave - Funky Bashment

This is proper Friday night London party music. Catch The Heatwave tonight in Brixton at The Rest is Noise, 11-1am. I'll be there...

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