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Monday, November 16, 2009

Ay Ay Ay

Man of the year Matias Aguayo brought a much needed touch of South American fun to Fabric on Saturday night. He performed tracks from his recent album Ay Ay Ay as well as his collaboration with Mexico's Rebolledo Pitaya Frenesi (which came out on his awesome Comeme label). He unfortunately didn't finish his set with his genre baiting Minimal, I guess maybe the humour would have been lost on a venue that was also hosting the launch of Magda's latest mix CD.

Instead we'll have to make do with this video of him performing Minimal in a packed bar in Guadalajara

Pop over to Comeme and Bumbumbox's Myspace and Soundcloud pages where you'll be able to hear and download mixes that take in everything from Cumbia and Coupe Decale to Michael Jackson and 80's House figures like Ron Trent.

I've lost a lot of enthusiasm for club music since the scene shifted back to deep house but it's Matias' drive to mix it up with the best Latin and African styles that keeps it sounding relevant and interesting.

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