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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gil Scott-Heron

Living legend Gil Scott-Heron is giving away one track from his forthcoming album on XL, just go to his website and sign up to his mailing list.

I was lucky enough to actually hear parts of the album in XL's office the other week and i wanna go on record as saying it will probably be 2010's best album. The only other release I'm aware of that could rival it is by Warp's Gonja Sufi.

I am glad some of the profits from bands like Radiohead, The White Stripes and The Prodigy are actually being put to good use and you can read a good overview of why the man's a legend over at the BBC

Check a video of him performing the track below

1 comment:

Miri Tee said...

Big tune from one of my all time favourites, can't wait for the album.