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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Gwan Na Salone

Me and Daniel of Nguzunguzu were jamming to this the other day, and I really dig the sound. Mende-Funana (Bubu-Soca?) in my mind. Hypeness from Sierra Leone.

I hope that Sierra Leonean artists keep trying to push their local unique sound. Word on the web and from my friend Black Nature, who visited this August, is that Nigeria is dominating the sound waves right now. His favorite tune was Bracket's Yori Yori.

Bracket-Yori Yori (Links to download at Get Mziki)

Nature was in Sierra Leone to help run workshops for We Own TV. His partner Banker White posted a trailer on their youtube page of footage and interviews from the sessions. It has some very beautiful shots and deep messages about the power of human expression.

Make sure you watch it in HQ (high quality!)

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