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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ghetto Bassquake Xmas lists

Gotta say its been a pretty amazing year for me for a number of reasons. Some highlights were:

Meeting Chief Boima in Stockholm, rocking a great Ghetto Bassquake soundsystem party out there with Anna & Seb, then back to London to do a radio show and gigs.

Fruko joining us on the blog who is off to South America for a while. Good luck dude.

Playing at Secousse in Brooklyn with The Very Best, Janka Nabay, Uproot Andy, Radioclit et al.

Playing at Lowlands with Sonido del Principe and cumbia crew.

So a massive cheers to everyone to who has commented, sent us nice messages, supported us and sent us wicked music. Its been great-Happy Xmas to all Ghetto Bassquake readers. Hyped for the launch of the Ghetto Bassquake label next year.

As its list season here are our tracks and live shows the year:


This was v hard, but these are some tracks I've been loving this year in no order.

1. Skeat - Dumelang
2. Busy Signal - Da Style Deh (original & Douster mix)
3. The Hackney Empire - Update Your Status/I'll Never Forget You
4. Lil Silva ft Maxwell D- Blackberry Hype
5. The Big Pink - Velvet (Gang Gang Dance Mix)
6. The Very Best - Julia
7. P-Money - Left the Room
8. Uproot Andy & Geko Jones - Manuelita RMX
9. Demarco - Love A Come Down
10. Duchess Says - Black Flag

Live shows

Omar Souleyman & Group Doueh @ the Dome, London
The Hackney Empire @ Secousse , London
Toto la Momposina @ Cargo, London



I have to admit while some lament lists, this is kind of fun for me. I like to acknowledge those who are doing stuff that I dig that I don't always get to post on the blog. So here it goes:

My top 10 Tunes are randomly pulled from the vaults of my brain, and in no particular order, but yes, subconsciously I ranked them to tell as story about my experience in 2009. Some of these may come out officially in 2010, and some of them were leaked in 2008. My only criteria was to think back on this year to songs that when I heard them they made me knees go out and fall face first on the floor:

1. Party Hard-Donaeo
2. Bumper 2 Bumper-Wande Coal
3. Yuh Love-Vybz Kartel*
4. Couper Decaler Instru-Zaza Twins**
5. Daydreaming (Lil' Silva Mix)-Kyla***
6. You're a Jerk-The New Boys
7. El Tigeraso-Maluca
8. Ojala Rumba (with Choquibtown freestyling over it at Que Bajo)-Uproot Andy
9. Cash Flow-Major Lazer & Jahdan Blakkamore****
10. Sane Eba-Zakee Kuduro & Anbuley

*This song is my current ringtone so I had to include it. Vybz has turned me on to make him my favorite Dancehall artiste right now, and I kind of hated on him before 2009, therefore, top 2009 artiste in dancehall for me, now just sign that peace treaty and keep the kids safe and you could continue being a favorite in 2010.

**A vision of the Future!

***Do you mind was probably a bigger tune, but this remix by Lil' Silva borrowing Township Funk's Soukous inspired drum pattern goes over with even the most hardcore Coupe Decale fan in my experience. Abidjan meets Paris meets Pretoria meets London, another vision of the future in my mind.)

****Love myself some nice roots reggae. Runner up was Baby G's Good Love, but Jahdan's vocals were a revelation for me this year.

Live shows

1. Applesap Festival in Amsterdam headlined by Pharoahe Monch
2. Buraka Som Sistema Live Show (Rickshaw Stop SF)
3. Soum Bill (at Baobab Village SF)



JJ - Ecstasy
Martyn feat D Bridge - These Words
Rebolledo feat Matias Aguayo - Pitaya Frenesi
Matias Aguayo - Ritmo Juarez
Nite Jewel - Suburbia
Busy Signal - Up In Her Belly (this was 2009 right?)
Cooly G - Love Dub
Untold - Just For You (Roska Remix)
Moody - Freeki Mother Fucker
Rainbow Arabia - Holiday in Congo

Live shows

Konono No 1 - Sonar
Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Sonar
Matias Aguayo - Fabric


Lamin Fofana said...

Damn, you guys. Now, I feel like I should make a list! I'll probably lose my mind trying to come up with one - so much amazing music came out this year, and from so many directions!

I'll pick two tunes from each of your individual lists...

From Vamanos's list, it has to be Skeat's "Dumelang" (absolutely tremendous tune! a favorite at NY Tropical & Que Bajo?!) and Andy & Geko's "Manuelita Remix" (this is wonderful, Andy's tunes are weapons). Vamanos, plz send over that P-Money track!

From Boima's list, Vybz Kartel's "Yuh Love" has also been a recent favorite of mine. Zakee Kuduro & Anbuley's "Sane Eba" is so vicious! I opened a set with it once, and the crowd love it so much I had to pull up like three times! It played for about ten minutes.

I'm with Fruko on jj's "Ecstasy" (I played it for a bunch of college kids, some of whom were half naked and on ecstasy) and Cooly G's "Love Dub" has a special place in my heart.

So there, my 6 of my favorite tunes of the year... seen/heard/filtered thru Ghetto Bassquake lenses/ears/minds.

Skeat - Dumelang
Uproot Andy & Geko Jones - Manuelita RMX
Vybz Kartel - Yuh Love
Zakee Kuduro & Anbuley - Sane Eba
jj - Ecstasy
Cooly G - Love Dub

Vamanos said...

Yo Lamin,

Cheers for your comment and re-selection, glad ur feeling our lists. Good to meet you in NY and keep up the awesome work on the blog and wfmu. Have a great Xmas and check ur email for P-money.

Dave Quam said...

definitely some great picks for your lists.

If I heard Sane Eba at a club I wouldn't know what to do, I'd probably be scared. In a good way though.

Vamanos, where is that Douster Busy Signal remix from, or is it not out? I think my favorite Busy track was "Question" or "Hustlin"

Jean Bernabe QUE BAJO?! said...

que bajo would like to give u big ups to ghetto bassquake for all the love...expect big things from us in 2010...and i know you guys will for surely do the same...

much love,
que bajo
geko Jones, uproot andy, jean

Jean Bernabe QUE BAJO?! said...

que bajo gives u guys much love ... expect from big things from us... i know u guys will for surely do the same...

much love,
que bajo crew (geko Jones, uproot andy, jean)

Boima said...

Big up Jean, see you soon!

ECP said...

Duchess Says! It was one of the biggest electro-rock revelation in Montreal 2008 with there only EP. We are all waiting for their first album coming 2010!