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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm a Raka, You a Raka, They Rakas 2

I ran into Rico and Dun of Los Rakas last week at Wallenberg (where I work) and got a chance to pick up their new mix CD. If you've been reading here for awhile you know I'm a fan and I knew from some previews that this project was gonna be great.

They start the CD with some throwback classic Panama Reggae en Espanol tracks versioning Tu Pum Pum and Bam Bam, and then move into crunked up De La Ghetto style futuristic Spanish Rap-Reggae-Hall. You can hear the whole thing here streaming, or buy it for $5 (or more if you wanna really support!) by clicking on the download link. The whole thing is great!

<a href="">La Tanda Del Bus intro by Los Rakas</a>

My favorite track is Kalle. And I love the skits... "¿Quien se comiĆ³ mi Corn Flay?"

As I side note, I did a post about them over at WFMU's Beware of the Blog where I've started doing a bi-weekly post. If you don't know about WFMU, check it out, it's home to my favorite radio show, and a great source for new music in general.


Dj Canalh said...

thanks for this post !! I discovered them.
Did you manage to by "la tanda del bus", cause every time I try something get wrong !! I needed "la tanda del bus outro" para mi mixtape de conscious reggaeton ! :( I am desesperate...

Vamanos said...

I had the same problem :(