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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Secousse December

The final Secousse of the year is going to be massive. After an amazing year with parties in New York as well as the monthly residencey London, we wanna say a massive thank you to all of our amazing guests who've blown us away - Marina Gasolina, Electronicat, Ka-Boom!, Maluca, Afrikan Boy, The Very Best, Dotstar, Cibelle, Barbara Panther, Zambezi Experience, Slammer Booster, Bbrave, Bunton, The Worm, Afrik Bawantu, Janka Nabay, Me Tarzan You Jane!, Matt Shadetek, Chief Boima, Galleons Reach, Big Bear, Uproot Andy, Murkules & Sumsim, Joao Brasil, Los Chinches, Vallenato, Zun Zun Egui, Mixed Blood, Abdul Tee-Jay, DJ Dervish and our massive house band, The Hackney Empire.

As we're taking a break in January, this month we have XXtra special line up headlined by the legendary Papa Milo aka Emil Ogoo, "The greatest living Palm Wine guitarist".

Born Free Town, Sierra Leone Emil was the guitarist for 2 of Sierra Leone's most renowned bands; The Morningstars (lead by the late great S.E. Rogie) and Super Combo (one of the main band of the 60's / 70's Sierra Leone Afropop explosion). Emil has been living in London since the mid 1970's

During the 1970's, Sierra Leone shared the electric Afropop explosion that was sweeping Africa. Maringa blended with funk, soul, and Congolese dance music leading to lively and popular local music. Bands of that era included Afro-Nationals, Orchestra Muyah, Super Combo, and Sabannoh 75. When the recording industry fell apart, ambitious and talented artists like S.E. Rogie mostly went to England to make their careers.

Papa Milo will be playing an exclusive set backed by The Hackney Empire.

Papa Milo
The Hackney Empire

Secousse soundsystem ft. Radioclit, A.J. Holmes & Vamanos

Notting Hill Arts club
Friday 4th December
8pm- 2am

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