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Monday, February 23, 2009


The grey grey skies of England make me want to be in Brazil this week. Wouldn't even mind if it rained. Anyway...Caarrrrnivvaalll post.

Brooklyn's very own baile funk princess, Zuzuka smashes up SOBs in NY with Cabide DJ and the Vigarista crew. Heavy, raw funk carioca the way the lord intended.

Can someone remind me of the nasty 80s sax sample in this ???

Cabide DJ - Tira Onda Montagem Tipo Colombia


Tecno Brega is cheesy techno from Para in Northern Brazil - Sound System clashing Amazon Rave. It's self sustained pirate economy is a pretty cool business model for these emerging genres working outside of the traditional national music industries. The BBC (!) investigates.

“What is going on is that people, sometimes in very poor areas, are appropriating electronic instruments like computers and synthesizers to create their own music,” says Ronaldo Lemos, a professor at the respected Getulio Vargas Foundation.

“So this is a phenomenon that is going on not only in the tecnobrega scene but with many scenes around the world like Kuduro in Angola, Kwaito in South Africa, Bubblin’ in Suriname.”

Tecno Brega is now a multi-million dollar music industry. With their music selling well in the street markets and a huge hit in the sound system parties, the artists can also go on to organise their own shows and earn their own profits."

And here's the first part of a great little documentary, 'Good Copy, Bad Copy', on Tecno Brega.

Part 2

And for the real jungle sound check Rio's Soundgoods crazy Tecno Brega mixtape here


And finally a pic of some dudes with blue noses at Barranquilla carnival, Colombia.

Monday's Cumbia Oscar goes to ..

Sonido del Principe from Holland who has been making some sick cumbias recently. He's just upped his own game with this cumbass monster.

And he's got a great new blog throwing up all kinds of tropical stuff your gonna like...Generation Bass.

Sonido del Principe - Shake It

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spanish Africa

Afrika-Escucha tu Interior

This track stood out as my favorite on the Gym Riddim, by Germans Kingstone Sound. It's a pretty track with a great vocal, but what really got me was the intro that shouted out Guinea Equatorial. I don't know who Afrika is, I've looked, but the name is a hard one to Google. The first time I listened I must have missed the intro so I was expecting someone from the Spanish speaking Caribbean, but BIG UP Guinea Equatorial!

When I mention this Spanish speaking sub-Saharan African country, a lot folks at least stateside are surprised that Spain had a colonial influence in that part of the world. Why don't we hear more about Guinea Equatorial? They've had their moments of shine, but it's not often you hear about one of Africa's smallest countries.

This track by las Hijas del Sol is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Hijas del Sol-Tirso de Molina

Guinea Equatorial representa!

Update: Afrika's Myspace,
(Gracias a The Original Bandolero)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Caan You Feeeel It??

The official map of House Music Density per square centimeter in Southern Africa.

Angola and Mozambique have got me goin crazy. ESH has inspired me to submit my entry in the Global House mix category:

Afrocan House Mix-Chief Boima

Come listen to it tonight (Thursday) at Otis Lounge in San Francisco. Info here + Ramblings


1. Fuego-Dejalo Caer
2. Dj Furreta-Minha Mangole
3. Unathi-U R Devine
4. DJ Damost-Wa Ku Kuluka feat. Mr. Dino
5. DJ Jesus-The Thanks
6. Bob Sinclair-The Love Generation
7. Dj Furreta-Ola La Yeah
8. Dj Joca-Djokidos
9. Dj Cleo-Gabz to Mbabane w/Brickz
10. Black Runner-Pump It Up
11. Magic System-Zouglou Dance
12. Dj Killer-Revolucion√°rio
13. Murder Cat-Blam Blam
14. Enur-Calabria Riddim
15. Ding Dong-Go Away
16. ?-?
17. Goapele-Closer (Remix)

My biggest excitement is the regional similarities. A bunch of tracks are from Southern Africa: Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Angola, and not included, but don't forget Botswana. Also, as evidenced by the start and end of the set, house is big in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I added a little Bay Area pride at the end. (But still reppin South Africa!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

'Ave It

Multiple Gunfingers for Ghetto Bassquake's very own Bass soldiers Vida & Andy (especially for enduring hours of enforced Donk raving) on their heavy new documentary on the Northern UK's Donk scene. You can watch all 5 films over at VBS TV. Here's the last episode.

Now go get some Caribbean Donk.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Vamanos @ Muevete Sat 21st

Catch me at a NewNewNew night this Saturday at Notting Hill Arts Club. Tropical Rave Business. Expect a full pelt Latino Bass Attack and some seasonal Carnival wining carribean heaters. I'll be dropping a few mambotronix jams like this.

Moreno Negron - Chichorizo

Doing it live on Dominican TV.

Also appearing are Movimientos's Head Honcho resident Cal Jader and the Digame DJs dropping Colombian Heat. Who needs the beach and sun?

Smile. More.

Our Black forrest buds (ok Munich), schlachthofbronx, who are on FIRE, drop another banger. A sweet but deadly remix of Cuban rappers Madera Limpia.

Madera Limpia - la Lenta (schlachthofbronx remix)

Both DJ/ Rupture and myself played lots of their songs at the excellent Audio Poverty last week in Berlin. Really, Really loudly. A lot of fun. Big shout out to Ekki, Björn & Marcus.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nice an Fierce

The bassline on the first track off Paleface's Rinse Cd Mix nearly gave me an internal nervous breakdown.

Ill Mana - Shut Ya Mouth

I posted his Pay As You Go 'Know We' remix back then.

Buy the cd here.

He is playing some dates in Dubai. Bassline in Dubai!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentino for the City

Abdel Aziz El Mubarak is Sudan's Bryan Ferry and he apparently has a fondness for spangly jackets. His love songs are songs of the city. This is from the early 70s. The sleeve notes say "Reggae has influenced the rhythmic content of the music and the distinctive stamp of Sudan leaves musical images of Kingston and Brixton definitely in the background".

Abdel Aziz El Mubarak - Ah'laa Jarah

"The whole universe became engulfed with happiness and the night became illuminated. Existence appeared to be a very beautiful scene, because when you walked it seems as a rhythm"

Ghetto Bass Global Updates

Homies doin big thangs!

Andy's in Cali!
Tonight in L.A. with Bersa Discos (See Flyer) and tomorrow in San Francisco at the Elbo Room with Oro 11, Disco Shawn, and DJ Refusnik.

New Akwaaba Release!

Benjamin of Akwaaba Music has just released Move It Chaleh! A must have for lovers of great music! Get it here: Move it chaleh! (itunes link)

Ghislain is releasing a new EP!

This has got me excited! Soca Soundsystem EP. I've already played Get Mad, Get Crazy with Mr. Slaughter out and the crowd does exactly that!

Try it sometime

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mardi Gras Mambo

I've been following a little tha Kid Slizzard's great blog Twankle & Glisten, who is apparently my neighbor cause he shops at bookstores down the street from where I work. Along with some homies, he's really been gettin' IN to some New Orleans bounce.

I've always been attracted to that New Orleans verbal flow, that first TRU album has always been one of my favorites (Uhhhh!). And one of the seminal Bounce acts is apparently my cousin, MC TT Tucker. Wonder if he got peoples in Sierra Leone? (My homie in the neighborhood who shares my last name asks me if I got people in Arkansas, and even tho I say no, swears that I got the Tucker nose. I then tell him we got hella peeps in West Africa. Family pride can go a long way!)

Anyway, I heard this cat Curren$y on a mixtape and immediately was drawn to/identified a New Orleans flow. Did a little googling and saw he is a former member of the newest 504 boys (the New Orleans Menudo?) long side Lil' Romeo (who's got to be like 30 now no?)

I know Rap-Jazz comparisons can be a little tired, but there seems to be this early Jazz cadence to the raps of some the guys down there. Peep the Curren$y track next to a mix I did of Where U From? by TRU.

Curren$y-Top of the Money

From Forthcoming This Ain't No Mixtape

TRU-Where U From? (Chief Boima Remix)

From Ironmilitis Vol 2.

Gotta show respect to the northernmost Carnaval (Mardi Gras):

Bounce vs. 2nd Line!:

Too much music out of that place!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Like all these little (Big? cheers Warp) sub genres, you get sucked in. The Bump'n'grine of Pritori's slow Acid House starts with Mujava and Cleo, ends with the rest of the world ( your local record store if it hasn't closed down yet).

The Fader's Eddie Stats pirates the audio, ripping tracks off Youtube to bring a mix of the latest SA Afro-Tribal heaviness. Gotta say, for me, this bangs harder than any UK funky tracks I've heard. The plodding drums and sub electro bass make this the sound of Secousse and soon eveerryyywhhheeere.

And Township Funk is yet another reminder that this club music is taking over. The old 'world music' economy is about get an serious overhaul=These artists getting PAID. Feels like 09 will be the year that these bass heavy sounds explodes.

DJ Eddie Stats - Ghetto Palms Kwaito and Pitori House Blend

(direct download from The Fader)

Kwaito/Pitori House blend:
DJ Cleo, “Kata Kata”
DJ Cleo, “Mind Ckuf”
DJ Cleo ft. Bleksem, “Wena”
DJ Mujava, “Moribo”
DJ Mujava, “Township Funk”
Trompies, “Ngwanesu”
Bojo Mujo, “Areyeng”
Zulu Naja, “Ndiya Ndiya”

Check Eddie's Ghetto Palms Tropical Realness posts at The Fader. But you probably do already.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Sleepy Fuckin D

I'm on my hip hop shit.
This song has been gettin' some local radio play here in the Bay:

D Lo & Sleepy D-Sleepy Fuckin D

Of course all the kids got the song on their eye-pods!
Nothing says rebellion like the F Bomb.

Sleepy D & D-Lo & Royce (On the Beat)

I'm lovin' that Royce is representin' Samoa, Korea and Oakland. So Bay Area.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Coming to a stadium near YOU

(Probably only in Mexico)

What Viento Calido lack in budget they make up for in their marketing game. This is easily one of the heaviest promos I've ever seen. Check the drop at 2:40. Tour Buse(s). Choreographed Dancing. More Tour Buses! Smell the fucking cuuuumbia leather goes Spinal Tap. Hell, I can see why chicks dig them. Viento Calido are going to BLOW YOU AWAY IN 2009.

Now play this loud to your mates on Friday night.

Viento Calido - Cumbia Titanic

Buy here or here or loads more on itunes.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Non-Stop Arab Disco This Friday

This coming weekend If I wasn't here I would definitely be here.

Secousse is going to be MASSIVE this month.

An arabic music special with live Belly Dancing, Radioclit, A.J. Holmes & Slammer Booster on the decks. London you can't go wrong with so much arabian ass shakin.