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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nigerian Lunch

Remember Naija Boyz Crank Dat cover...

They're back with another Nigerian vershjun, this time pon the Lollipop.

Naija Boyz - Lollipop (African Remix) @320 (Direct Download)

Esau Takes Manhattan

After annihalating SXSW and playing with our NY Tropical Dutty pals, Esau dropped by The Fader's Let Out show for some Live-O bizness, killing it as always.

And if you haven't.. Download The Very Best Mixtape

Sunday, March 29, 2009

April 3rd iz Secousse

Last month was a roadblock. This Friday Radioclit return from destroying SXSW to bring you a heavy line up of Afro Tropical pressure, this month with a side order of dirty Brazilian Electro Psychobilly.


A.J. Holmes and The Hackney Empire


Marina Gasolina
Secousse Sound System feat.
RadioclitA.J.Holmes me and MC Kastro.

To smash apart your weekend we have a special, worldwide exculsive DJ set from Marina Gasolina, the infamous Secousse singer who's been recording slicked up psychobilly bangers for her new solo album with Radioclit. She will be hitting the decks with some Brazilian Psychobilly dubs and may even perform some live tracks tracks too. Electronicat, the rockabilly French Elvis for 2009, has also been on production duties and will performing a live set. On top of that, the all new Secousse house band, The Hackney Empire led by our own A.J.Holmes, will be bringing their special Highlife good times. And after you've downed your 9th coconut shake, the Secousse Sound System will tear it up with the hottest Tropical jams in the northern hemisphere.


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Corridos Jai-Fi en la Bahia

Shout out San Leandro High School, where I DJ'd today at lunch for a dance contest for their Latino's Unidos club. It was fun to see all the youngsters gettin' down to the Cumbia, and Durangense, Merengue, and asking me to play more BANDA! and do you have more BANDA?!?! and unfortunately for me I only had like one Banda tune, so the lil' homie Hector came through with his collection.

This is one of the ones I played:

Alacranes Musical-Si te vuelves a enamorar (Direct Download)

But one thing that REALLY got me LOLing when I got back home was when I looked up this song, which was begged for after the bell rang by two eager to dance young ladies:

For those who don't speak Spanish, El Hyphy means The Hyphy!

Correction: Los Amos de Nueva Leon-El Hyphy (Direct Download)
(Thanks Rajah!)

Apparently it's a movement. And the parents HATE THE LYRICS!

I hear San Leandro High is gearing up for their Noche de Carnaval Friday night, before the 3 day weekend (Cesar Chavez day on Monday!) have fun folks!

Oh! And R.I.P. Mac Dre.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Dutty Dutty Artz

Man. I've been catching up on my Rupture radio and I finally listened to the show where Geko Jones guested. The stuff he was playing on there blew my mind! And then he comes out with this!

Afro Colombian, Afro Panamanian, Garifuna, Caribeño music resonates deeply in my musical heart. And here it is presented with such FUERZA! Dutty Artz fam goin in hard on Colombia. It's a take ova!

Geko Jones-La Nueva Guaracha (Direct Download)

Check out all the Dutty Artz podcast episodes by subscribing here: non iTunes and iTunes icon itunes smaller.

Or listen to the two latest monsters here!:

Matt Shadetek-Get Drunk and Loose Your Phone=sometimes just loose my phone.

Lamin-Recession Rap Jams=necessary listening for a blog called Ghetto Bassquake.


For all the lucky New Yorkers, a Dutty Artz throwdown on Friday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bubu Time

A little while back I posted about a music from Sierra Leone. I didn't know its name, but I heard similarities to music from Hispanola, and thought there might be a connection. Not too long after I discovered that the Rara and Gaga from Haiti and the Dominican Republic have roots in Benin.

Well, in a lesson that one should look close by to find answers, I read the liner notes of one of the tracks I posted and found out the music is Bubu music, and it's a Temne music rooted in Muslim tradition. I think it is similar in functional properties as the Rara, being a processional music. There's a great snapshot of Sierra Leonean music on this BBC page, you can read here to get a little more background for this and a lot of other music, but I was a little disappointed because they also say Bubu is not a widely recorded music.

In that post she mentions Ahmed Janka Nabay. He is the main promoter of Bubu music

Ahmed Janka Nabay - Eh Congo. (Direct Download)

Great stuff. Apparently he's in the Bronx right now, and works with Wills from Green Owl who sent me the track. Listen to more, and send a message at myspace if you want to by a CD.

Part of what has got me so is excited is that I've been hearing Bubu in popular music from young artists interpreting the rhythm on keyboards and computer drum machines, and many many more people are starting to integrate this into their music.

AND! Since I'm so inspired by this music the Banana Clipz did a Bubu Soca Juke hybrid beat for Sierra Leonean singer Khady Black, which you can get here!:

Crisis (Banana Clipz Bubustyle Remix)-Khady Black (Direct Download)

Enjoy, and tell your friends about Sierra Leone music!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cracked Software Alchemy

Pic : Angola em Fotos

Been listening to a lot of kuduro. When it's good, it's too much to describe in words. So raw, so funky. For years people in the UK have been waiting for the next punk rock or rave. It never happens. They don't know it's happening on old PCs in Angola & Portugal. But you do.

This is the classic MSN kuduro track by Portugals' DJ N.K

DJ N.K- MSN Kuduro Songs (Direct Download)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ze Douster Mix

Our Argentinian heatmaker pals ZZK drop the new mixtape from Lyon's Douster. Its a big one, featuring loads of tracks by him alone in a tropical electro punch up thats only going to end in tears of crunk.

ZZK Mixtape Vol.6-Douster

A BIG Party @ SXSW

If you're at SXSW this Friday be sure to catch The Very Best (Live) AND Radioclit (DJ set) at The Green Owl Blow Out. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For Your Perusal

Its a crime that i've never posted anything from Peru. I've only been there for a short time and didn't get much a handle on what seems like an amazing country, so this is a random Peruvian stuff post.

I'm Blown away by Tunchi's street photography of Lima. From emo kids to fluro cumbia posters, colours bounce out of the grey cityscapes. Here is a few from his incredible flickr and Blog sets.

Musicwise, all I've ever known is the funky assed psychedelic Amazonica cumbias from bands like Los Mirlos. Tropical Chicha cumbia, Real Jungle music.

and the amazing firebrand hip hop of expat, Immortal Technique. But now its party time. Cheers to Amdi in Lima for this who sends me GBQ Heat from Peru.

A crazy audiotune trance cumbia mashup reggaeton bubbler by DJ Miguelon. Apparently this shit is so fresh that it hasn't even hit the pirate mercados in Lima yet.


Chicha tu Madre is a funny, low budget movie from a couple of years ago, following a wayward taxi driver messing with Tarot, hookers and a football team. The photography around Lima's dusty calles is awesome. Don't know if it's on DVD but check out the Trailer.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


A couple of years ago an Ethiopian friend gave me some music from her country. Turned out to be one of those records I keep coming back to. Dembu's Wonderful People Wonderful Music is amazing if you a like bit of traditional Ethiopian dance music (video). This is a slower one, real raw, trancey and soulful.

Dembu - Dagusa Diarey (direct download)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dutty Timez

Our favourite consistently grinding dancehall selecta doods, The Heatwave, mix like they do on all my local Jamaican pirate radio stations, i.e fucking banging and lightening quick. Gabriel drops 79 tracks in 73 mins with loads fresh JA riddims to nice up your dance/day/dinner. 

Please don't listen to this if you're easily shocked by sexy talk and rude words.


Wheeeeellll Uuuuppp...

The Heatwave - Rowdy Bashment 2009

Abidjan's Doin the Stanky Leg

Ok, maybe not, but the Glissement got me tryin to bring back my best moonwalk. Matter of fact I used to moonwalk to just about EVERYTHING!

Updates from the California coast? It's getting colder! I'm tellin you, winter folks, 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) is not warm!

San Francisco's got me busy, but I'm excited for Tormenta Tropical (at the Elbo Room) this Saturday. DJ RUPTURE! and MC Mextape. Longside Bersa Discos crewers Oro 11 and Disco Shawn before they head off to Tejas. If you're in the vicinity of California, you get to choose from two. DJ Lengua on the bill in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Secousse Pics

Last Friday's Secousse tore the roof off. If you haven't been yet, get down there.

Bunton warmed 'em up

And then played sweet Palm Wine with The Zambezi Experience

The Worm had a crazy drum made out of things.

They went hard!

Alfla Sackey & Afrik Bawantu ripped it up with a 12 piece band

Their tight Afro-Beat killed it

After the bands The Secousse Soundsystem ignited the Tribal Riot

Rinsing Magic System, Znobia & Luda jams till chuck out.

Hotties danced!

More photos here and here

Next party is APRIL 3RD with a live performance from our very own A.J. Holmes and The Hackney Empire.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Grime Cave Reloads 02

Brixton in the snow 1883

Brixton in the snow 2009

From Urban75

In an occasional series, we go hunting in the grime cave to dust down some spoils of war. Dynasty crew were a Brixton Hip Hop crew who had a crack at grime back in the early days. The result was this lost BEAST which I forgot the name of. Oh my Days. Anyone ID ?

Dynasty crew - ?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New York Palm Life

Sabo does latin in a way I like. ie without dull strummy samba guitars and snooze inducing bassless latin percussion that seems to be the staple of London clubs on a Saturdaynight for since forever. HOW DO YOU DO THAT SABO ??!! He has the funk. His Sol Selectas label has been doing it big for a few years with awesome edits on vinyl in his Sol Selectas series and his Funky Verano mixes. So the good peeps at XLR8R have got him to do a podcast. and its big, mixing up a broad latin sound with funk carioca, hip hop, cumbia, dub step and loads more super ghetto bass flavas. Due to his mixing supremeness the poor blokes got to play some awful gigs like the Honolulu carnival and Tormenta Tropical. Please be enjoying his sunny vibes.

XLR8R Presents Sabo

01 Underground Trak Team - "The Concept"
02 Big Daddy Kane - "Raw (Dubstep Mix)"
03 Benga - "Night (Geenus Remix)"
04 Bobby Konders - "Massai Woman"
05 Oliver $, Deise Tigrona - "Ta Com Medo Do Mim (Jesse Rose Mix)"
06 Of Norway - "The Governor's Daughter (Danny J Lewis Remix)"
07 Daniel Haaksman - "Who's Afraid of Rio? feat. MC Jennifer"
08 Gregor Salto - "Mystery Baila"
09 Sylvia Telles - "Discussáo (DJ Boláo & MC Gringo Remix)"
10 Joao Gilberto - "Bim Bom (DJ Amazing Clay Funk Remix)"
11 Klaus Doldinger - "Insensatez (DJ Edgar Remix)"
12 Antonio Carlos Jobim - "Agua de Beber (Dj Edgar Remix)"
13 DJ Sandrinho - "Montagem Percuca"
14 Nappy G - "Bushwick Baile (Sabo Remix)"
15 Sabo & Uriel - "Don't You Want My Baile Feat. Zuzuka Poderosa"
16 Buggin Out - "DiscoTech"
17 DJ Jorj - "Es E Zulu (Zulu Dub)"
18 Sabo & Zeb - "Free Generation"
19 Timmy Vegas & Bad Lay-Dee - "Another Dimension (Tom Novy Remix)"
20 Peace Division - "BU4T (Jamie Jones East River Mix)"
21 La Pena - "La Pena 01"
22 Sabo & Cassady - "Esa Loca Cumbia"
23 Freakstylers - "To Com Saudade Feat. MC Maiquinho"
24 DJ Sun - "Para (Sabo Remix)"
25 Sabo & Cassady - "Kuff Kumbia"
26 Sabo & Cassady - "Curura"


More amazing pressure from the JA/UK's Warrior Queen. Back on a HEAVY new slammer from Sarantis. This is just a 2 min edit but get the full version from a new compilation on Senseless Records.

Sarantis ft Warrior Queen - Retaliate [King Cannibal RMX](direct download)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Secousse This Friday

'Special Wormfood edition'

Secousse just gets better every month. This Friday its back to its African roots at Notting Hill Arts club with
3 live acts !!!

The Worm
Afrik Bawantu
The Zambezi Experience

Secousse team : Radioclit, A.J. Holmes & myself
Bunton from The Zambezi Expreience
Wormfood DJs

Wormfood made a name for themselves with their ram-jam Dalston parties, their Valley of the Antics area at Secret Garden Party and their own Antic Banquet festival. They will be present behind the decks as well as on stage with their band The Worm and are also invinting their friends Afla Sackey & Afrik Bawantu for a 12 piece live performance. Also appearing, The Zambezi Experience, who smashed it so hard at Secousse we had to invite them for a second time. Their leader Bunton will also play a few of their favorite jams after.

Get there early to avoid the Tropical Traffic Blocking!!!!!!!!