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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Secousse October

Sierra leonean (now UKean) Abdul Tee-Jay is a legend in London's African music history. Since tearing apart the Africa Centre in the 80s with his band Rokoto, they were apparently the 'Best African band to ever reside in London'.

Abdul is coming to rock Secousse this friday backed by The Hackney Empire. It will be Big. Do not miss.

October 2nd

Secousse @Notting Hill Arts club

Abdul Tee-Jay
The Hackney Empire

Prince Terrence
Secousse soundsystem ft. Radioclit, A.J. Holmes & Vamanos

Free before 8pm. £6 before 11pm. £8 after.

Drum Time!

I met Mike in New York, he has a cool blog called Culture System. Go visit and grab this nice minimal drum laden percussive mix. This is perfect for the Autumn.

Head to Waerock - Drum Cirkill for the tracklist.

Drum Cirkill by Waer Rock

Oi !!!

Does anyone else find it funny that oi means hello in Brazilian portuguese. S'pose its not that funny really.

Anyway good to hear some freshly ground pulverising funk from Rio's awesome funk legend DJ Edgar. Brand new remixes of Mujava, Buraka som sistema, Zuzuka Ponderosa and... Cher. Whoa.

DJ Edgar - MixTape 2010

Catch him on tour in Europe this Autumn and check out his blog



Zakee Kuduro

Philly's Zakee Kuduro makes another level, another world beats thats flipping me out. One part Angolan stutterbeat maelstrom, one part RATM noise attack, one part sweet siren melodies from Ghanaian vocalist Anbuley.

From the Janka Nabay (= always awesome) drop on the intro, Sane Eba has been rattling around my brain like a bass injected wild dog. Signed to Green Owl he's currently on production duties for M.I.A., Rye Rye, Theophilus London and more. Zakee's been making music in Ghana, check out his experiences in this interview with Fiftyonefiftyone.

Zakee Kuduro -Sane Eba

He's also got a furious Buraka Som Sistema remix floating around out there. Here is Zakee and Anbuley throwing it down live for Dante Fried Chicken.

Zakee Kuduro and Anbuley X DFC from promise smith on Vimeo.


... is the best way to describe this tune. Just heard it on the radio, my current favorite tune out of the Bay. Catches that summer vibe, hopin' to ward off those clouds for a few more weeks. Video spotted here.

Lucy's Children

A few years back I went to an Alkoholics concert in London and had my world turned out by a Nigerian rapper, who jumped up on stage talking about pride in where you're from, big bootied girls, and cars with big rims. I couldn't help myself from chuckling at the braggadocios display, but from that day I was hooked, instilled with a pride that I still carry. The rapper was JJC, and he was my introduction to African Rap. Today Nigeria has a booming industry, African Rap (and more) has gone global, and JJC is back with a pan African pride tune that would make Marcus Garvey proud.

Shout out to... Hey Vamanos... is that Brixton?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Karnival Klash

Always a good day when we get a new Poirier mix. This one is a pure helicopta waving killa.

If you're in Montreal on October 3rd, get down to his Karnival v.1 party with Mad Decent's Paul Devro and Bristol's Dub Boy.


Intro by MC Zulu
Demarco - Love A Come Down (She Can’t Wait) (Stress Free Riddim)
The Dø - On My Shoulders (WILDLIFE! Remix Instrumental)
MJ Cole & Serocee - AO (Zed Bias Wind Up Mix)
Schlachthofbronx - Farafina feat. Ete Kelly
Izé - Oh Narina feat. Omrane
Buraka Som Sistema - IC19
Buju Banton - Me & Oonu (Wipe Out Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Fire Fi Dem (Wipe Out Riddim)
Ricky T - Like A Jumbie (Poirier Edit) (V12 Riddim)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dutty Kumbionics

Contagious cumbia from great nueva Dutty Arts Argentinian signing Le Yegros. Blending the ancient lyrical poetry of cumbia storytelling with some grinding dancefloor shuffle production by ZZK's King Coya. The faultless remixes come courtesy of DJ/Rupture & Matt Shadetek, El Remolon &
Marcelo Fabian.

Here is the original.

La Yegros - Trocitos de Madera


If you checked Portugal's DJ Mpula that Boima posted, your probably gonna like this.

Mpula and his crew run a great radio show, Fazuma dropping kuduro, kwaito, Zouk, Baile funk etc..reaching out to Portugal and some African lusopone counties.

They are also producing and remixing some amazing tracks under the name BATIDA

They told me..

"Batida is also the name of a lot of the pirate compilations that circulate through the streets of Luanda. New ones come out every day, directly from the Musseke (ghetto) into the hands of all the Kandongueiros (Taxis), which is the main form of public transportation. These compilations are mainly dedicated to Kuduro and to Kizomba, which show, more than the actual radio, the sound that is pumping on the streets. The Batida compilations are key in promoting any artist."

Cannot wait to hear their album, sampling 60s & 70s Angolan tracks from the historic Valentim Carvalho Luanda recordings catalogue. The tracks also feature new school Angolan MCs like this amazing one which was featured on Andy & Geko's recent cracker of a Ghetto Palms mix. Jaunty kuduro for the end of summer.

Batida - Cuka

Download it here or here

or buy the cd here

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mambo Peligroso en la Calle

Today some brain warping Mambo/Merengue de calle/Merengueton (Wot U call It ? - Very fast amazing Dominican rap business. If you're feeling Omega, Moreno Negron and that kind of thing, you're gonna love Berto Lokkera who lives in Spain.

This is monster.

El Mambo De La Lokkera (BertoLokkera Jorge & Baketa) - La Escuela Del Chavo

Berto has one of these mysterious but amazingly fruitful DJ sites that are there one day and disappear the next. Berto's has a tonne of amazing music. Get it while its hot out the kitchen and still around - remixes & his own beats.

Berto Lokkera

At the Secousse carnival party (Pics) I Dj'd for lady Maluca and people were freaking for her merengue riddims. She smashed it.

London is doing it too. Look out for Secousse mates Murkules and Sumsin who are blending hyperspeed merengue with soca and funky- En la calle. Literally. Sumsin wheels out his mini BarrowBass soundsystem at night for outdoor raves poppin up around the capital in random parks and alleyways.

Sumsin's Socamerenguetek mix.

Socasummerengue by sumsin

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coupe Decale!!! vs. Que Bajo?!

This Saturday, September 19th in San Francisco at the Baobab Village will be a party called Coupe Decale, with special guests, New York representatives Uproot Andy and Geko Jones, and Paris representative Maïmouna Coulibaly.

It's a combined party, with one cover for two places.

Little Baobab will be the sounds of Latino New York with Andy and Geko, bringing their Que Bajo party across the Americas from New York to San Francisco to Buenos Aires. I'll join them there. Be sure to check out their tour mix at Ghetto Palms, and Andy has also offered up for download the first track in that mix.

Etelvina Maldonado-Manuelita (Que Bajo Remix)

Maïmouna dances and teaches dance in Paris all the popular styles of French African youth, Dancehall, Coupe Decale, Ndombolo and Kuduro. Repping the Parisian projects in the suburbs, she has written a play to take her experiences on to the stage, incorporating the dances she learned growing up. She will be doing a dance performance at Le Petit Barbes along side the Baobab DJ's Marco, Stevie B, and Alfie1Bateria.

I will also be djing for her this Thursday, September 17th at the MOAD for an interactive presentation. Check the video, Maïmouna is in the middle.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

EL-B Ghetto Bassquake Salsa Mix

You know El-B right? Legendary UK garage producer, influence on early dubstep, inspiration to some guy called Burial and lover of all things Latin.

Check what he said in his recent interview in The Wire

"I go to these Latino raves by myself - they think I'm fucking crazy, like "what's that white boy doing over there?" just skanking out in the corner, but they know my face, they know my babymother. I think it's the best music in the world but i keep it to myself."

Well he's no longer keeping it to himself, here we have an exclusive Ghetto Bassquake mix of all of his favourite Salsa tunes. Check the mix below, I'm just waiting on the tracklist so we should have it soon

He's also started producing tunes that are influenced by Colombia, buy his recent split 12" with Rossi B and Luca here, which features the awesome tune Son De Cali.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Classic Grime Album Covers of Our Time

More at Butterz.

Carnival Smoke Signals

The smell of that BBQ jerk at Notting Hill carnival made me want to wolf down 8 portions there and then like crazed starving pig. I didn't sadly but took some photos instead on my phone.

Carnival season keeps it moving with our favourite bass commanders, The Heatwave who continue their relentless bashment grind with a great mix of The Message Is Love - In my opinion, better than the original. Love the way they slowed it down into a heavy bashment refix that only lets up for the old school hardcore style breakdown. In fact I swear I hear a Ragga Twins sample in there.

Silverlink ft. Jammer & Badness - The Message Is Love (The Heatwave remix)

Buy it and the other remixes here.

Jugglin' Tool

I love transition tunes, songs that let me take a set in two directions, and especially ones with a big nostalgia factor.

While I've not always been the biggest fan of him, for some reason I've really been diggin' Vybz Kartel lately. Especially when linking up with Ms. Gaza Kim.

Vybz Kartel feat. Gaza Kim-Twice my Age 2009
on the (School Bell Riddim)

Update: I'm actually catching some R Kelly vibes of this tune, and maybe with Kim. Maybe my subconscious can't get over Vybz's past.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Poirier's Karnival attack continues with a punishing new EP Run The Riddim. It hits his usual high benchmark of blistering bass heavy electronic soca, bashment and dancehall. Vocals on the riddims by Burro Banton, Face-T, MC Zulu and the UK's YT. Out on Ninja Tune on Sept 28th. And he is well worth catching on tour soon in Brazil, Mexico, Europe & CMJ & Pop Montreal.

Before you buy, a taster. Play loud.

Poirier ft Face T - Enemies

Monday, September 07, 2009

Ghetto Bassquake on Diesel U Music radio

A few weeks ago, when Boima was in London we got the chance to do a show on Diesel U Music radio. This is the second half with less chat and more music.

Ghetto Bassquake on Diesel U Music Radio (Direct Download)

The Very Best - Julia


Busy Signal - Like A Shaker (Shake Shake)
Uproot Andy - Smooth Criminal RMX
Banda el Mexicano - No Bailes de Caballito
Busy Signal ft Rubi Dan - Tic Toc
Luky Gomes - (Baka) Zeze e Toto Kuduro Mix
DJ Znobia & Come Todas - Mete Nojo
DJ Amorim - Os Angolas
IVM - Batida Mix / DJ Dú Marcel - Tribal Sound
Nelo & Djoza - Rabentola


Didier Awadi-Zamouna
YV-Own Step (Chief Boima Remix)
Zakee Kuduro ft. Anbuley-Sane Eba
Casper-Cha Cha Slide (Kuduro Remix)
The Outhere Brothers-Pass the Toilet Paper
Chelly-Took The Night
Akatoto-Dans le Tempo (DJ Click Remix)
Nina Sky-Turnin' Me On
Soukous Stars-Nairobi Night (Chief Boima Remix)
Mr. V-Put Your Drink Down (Big Space Remix)
Mzee feat. Candy Nurse-Mahuwelele (Manoo Remix)
DJ Cleo ft. DJ What What-Bloemfontein Funk
Unknown Artist-Pump It Up (Kuduro Remix)
Marlon D -Jesus Creates Sound (Main Mix)
Flamzy-Faroter feat. Joskar
Afro National-Graunkalay

Toby Love feat. Omega-Tu No Ta Pa Mi (Remix)


We also got to play a couple of parties which were crazy fun.

Secousse that night was a banger.

Musicalia was awesome the next night. Shout out to our superhost, Isa GT.

A hectic weekend. But awesome.

And if you've read the post below you'll see we've got a new writer in the on the blog. Fruko knows lots about great music and we're psyched he's going to be dropping the goodness here with me and Chief Boima. Bring the pain!!!

Toto La Momposina

I got to know Vamanos through a shared love of all things tropical and after months of pub conversations and clubbing around London he's asked me to contribute to the blog. My first post isn't focusing on the bass but northern Colombia's Toto La Momposina who is performing at London's Cargo on the 16th.

Most will know who from the various times she's been sampled (check Michel Cleis' La Mezcla and Timbaland and Magoo's Indian Flute) but her own music is just as special, especially my favourite La Verdolaga.

Outside of the UK she normally plays to thousands of people so the chance to see her at Cargo will be kinda awesome. Her mix of African, Latin and Indigenous music will offer a brief respite from London's drudge into the dreariness of autumn and winter. I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Carnival No Stop

Secousse Carnival killed it. Amazing sets from Maluca, Afrikan Boy, Dotstar, Hackney Empire & Barbara Panther.

The Secousse Soundsystem. (Pics)


If you missed it, we're back again tonight with Los Chinches playing their speical Peruvian Amazonian Juju magic and Baile funk lambada goodness from Joao Brasil.

....and its my Birthday today!