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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can You Tchoucou Tchoucou?

Benjamin of Akwaaba Music posted this video of my favorite Coupe Decale artist DJ Kedjevera teaching us how to dance, which reminds me to let you all know that his album is now available to purchase on iTunes. Pick it up so you can practice your dance moves, and after you have them perfected you can enter Mokobe's dance competition. Seriously, I really want to see some of your videos, feel free to post in the comments!

Download the song Mokobe by Boulevard DJ

Let's see you win the contest!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Very Best live @ Malawi's Lake of Stars festival

The Very Best perform DJ Cleo's Wena as a girl cooks up a snack on some bloke's head.

Head over to RCRDLBL to get the awesome new remixes of 'Julia' by Kano and Jayou.

And if you haven't picked up the album yet, go buy it at Rough Trade (and get the mixtape FREE), Amazon and everywhere else.

Uproot Andy live at ZZK

An hour of Dutty Artz's Uproot Andy smashing it at Zizek's 3rd Anniversary party in BA.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Following his Tecno Brega mixtape that we posted, Rio based Sound Goods dables into the slightly elusive world of Mexican Tribal Guarachero and comes out with a hammer. Grab his mix of jackin 4/4 cumbia sourced from cd sellers in D.F/Mexico. Download Tribalismo Tropicalismo
01. Danza Azteca 02. La Culebrita 03. DJ Retro – Babaninko 04. Chango 05. El Ballo 06. DJ Retro – Guarachosa 07. El Ritmo De La Petaka Tribal 08. DJ Gato – Topota Madre 09. Danza 10. Damas Gratis – Se Te Ve La Tanga 11. A Ritmo De Los Manos 12. Cumbia Tribal 13. Vamos A Bailar 14. Vive La Fiesta 15. Prehispanik 16. DJ Sobrino – Automation 17. Oaxaqueño

And if your feeling that check Paul Devro's Invasion of the Loop Zombies from Mexico

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cumbia para mi gente

We all know Rupture's Soot records have been hard on their cumbia game. Earlier this year they released El Hijo de la cumbia's record which was absolutly great was but sadly kind of slept on. Its my favourite cumbia album. Buy here.

Their resident cumbia expert Sonido Martines (above) of the infatigable La Congona fame follows it up with a weighty compilation of latin American heat. His cumbia driven travels led him from Lima to Buenos Aries to Bogota have enabled him to connect with some of the hottest artists to create this album. From Cumbia Villera to New school digital stuff, it's faultless 13 deep tracklist boasts of some of the biggest artists in Argentine cumbia from Damas Gratis to Chancha via Circuito.

Here is a a track from the record. Out to buy now.

Los Destellos - Elsa (Sondio Martines Remix ft Fefe)

New Yorkers catch Sonido Martines' US debut at the Natural History museum on November 13th. Then he'll be joining Rupture on tour in Europe this winter.

The Best Live set you will Ever Download

Pic: Joel Veitch Flickr

Just before Wiley dropped his eskibeats and Pulse X changed UK Bass music forever, garage was fast and punishing. Sidewinder were the original garage/grime raves in the UK, one of the first parties to take grime DJs and MCs out of London to the rest of the UK.

Sidewider raves were so classic you can now buy flyers on ebay. The awesome thing was that they recorded loads of the live sets and sold them as tape packs.

I dug this one out of the grime cave, think its from around 2002.

Roll Deep's Maxwell D, Flowdan & DJ Principal take it into the dark hour. They hardly take a breath.

Roll Deep live @ Sidewinder

In more recent BIG Grime news

Is anything better than P- Money right now? Produced by Sukh knight taken from his mixtape Money Over Everyone (Buyable).

Freestyle on Logan Sama's show is big too..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mariachi El Bronx

Aside from being one of the best live bands I've ever seen The Bronx have a sweet new line in canciones románticas de Mexico. Their new album Mariachi el Bronx is tearfully good. Catch them on tour in November.

Douster's Dino Attack

Our boy Douster, the french bloke from Lyon signed to ZZK has been slaying dragons with his massive tribal electro-house remixes this year. We posted his ZZK mix a while back and since then I've enjoyed having my brain melted by loads of his tracks, especially his Busy Signal Remix and his own King of Africa out soon on Radioclit's Saga Africa EP. His beats walk a giddy line of UK funky, Latin American percussion and some freakish psycho bass assault.

Douster's new Triassic EP has four bangers keeping up the quality of all ZZK's releases.

Triassic from natilu on Vimeo.

Here is a taster of the EP. And it is tasty. Available everywhere digitally October 20th.

Douster - Triassic EP Taster


Pic from ffffound

The always amazing South Rakkas Crew inject their deadly electro Bashment poison into that song from that odd chocolate ad by Ghana's Tinny = Instant Success.

Tinny - Zingolo (South Rakkas Crew Remix)

Via The Culture Of Me

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Very Best in San Francisco

I finally get to link up with The Very Best on the gig tip. When they were touring this summer in the US, I was playing their party in London, so it will be nice to be able to warm up the room for them this Friday at 103 Harriett in San Francisco.

Update: Tonight's show is Canceled, it will be rescheduled at a later date.

I did a re-interpretation of their song Julia, which when I heard Esau's vocals I couldn't get over how it might sound in a Congolese style rhythm track, and I've also noticed that Gospel Rumba is a very nice genre from Malawi. Here it is to get you hype for the show:

The Very Best-Julia (Chief Boima Remix)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ensalada Tropical

New mix from DJ Rajah of Soul Cocina. Some Reggae, Cumbia, Merengue, Soukous vibes, and then into the computer section, which includes some Ghetto Bassquake family and my remix of Ze Bula! He says there's a part 2 coming next week with more Champeta and Punta, which I can't wait for!

Roger has been holding it down with cooking classes for the youth I work with twice a week. Hopefully between his and my efforts, soon we'll have a multitude of chef musicos!

DJ Rajah-Ensalada Tropical (Direct Link)

Barbwire - Nora Dean
La Perra - Alejo Duran
Madame Calalu - Cortijo y su Combo con Ismael Rivera
El Costo E'La Vida - Kimia Eve
El Costo De La Vida - Juan Luis Guerra
La Vida Vale La Pena - Petrona Martinez
La Vida Vale La Pena - Uproot Andy mix
Cuka Isso - Batida f. Ikonoklasta
Etnico Style (Original bimix) - Dj Koos y Makency DJ
Manuelita [Uproot Andy & Geko Jones Remix} - Etelvina Maldonado
Cuando Hay Guerrapella - Los Rakas & Stereotyp
Pon Lo Patra - El Chireno
Ze Bula {Chief Boima Remix} - Figura
Kuff Kumbia - Shelly Thunder {Sabo Cumbia Mix}
Can't Stop Now feat. Mr. Vegas & Jovi Rockwell - Major Lazer

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Logobi, Is This What They Mean By Afro Futurism?!?

Recently, my friend Be Brown sent me a video on facebook with a group of youth in a dance circle taking turns dancing in the middle, chanting Bobaraba on top of a beautiful synthed-out fast tempo Coupe Decale instrumental. Friends asked what the instrumental track was and I didn't know, but then Birdseed drops the Logobi bomb on me, and I discover the Zaza Twins:

People have been trying to tell me Coupe Decale is dead, or at least losing popularity, but Coupe Decale is just the continuing story in a long line of tradition in African Popular music. I have another post soon that will get deeper into that, but basically to me Logobi is the obvious next step in the evolution on the Coupe Decale sound. It's the child of the marriage between Kuduro attitude adapted in France and Coupe Decale's Soukous snare pattern.

It's a constant conversation between diaspora and homeland, sped up by new media and rising immigration. And, once again, I'm not surprised to see this movement led by youth (and these kids look young!) trying to make their own voice in this international conversation, not far removed from the kids I hang out with on a daily basis trying to mix Mobbin' with Jerkin'.

How kids in Paris Jerk:

And by the way, for Mr. Birdseed, if you are wondering about influences, just check out the Twins' Skyrock Blog that has links to African Tonic, DJ Spheedy, Olivia of G Unit featuring Congolese Ndombolo Star Fally Ipupa, and Dave Guetta featuring Akon, in other words, and not to get all Rainbow coalition on ya'll, but all these connections make me happy to see we all might be on a similar page.

Zaza Twins-Couper Decaler Instru 2009

Play it Loud and Play it Proud!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coupe Decale with Ghetto Palms

This Saturday Eddie Stats will be making his way across the US to visit the Bay Area and will be DJing with myself and all the Baobab DJ's for Coupe Decale at Baobab Village. Also Friday night check for him in the East Bay with DJ Mathew Africa. This weekend we're all going to get Ghetto Palmsed.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bersa Discos EP #6: Sabo

Our friends at Bersa Discos have done it again! Their new EP features DJ Sabo of New York City, adding to the cross-coast connection of Cumbieros in the United States. In true cross-coast style (although skipping an essential part of the circuit, Texas!) he will be playing release parties tonight at Bersa's Tormenta Tropical in San Francisco, tomorrow at Bodega in Los Angeles, and Thursday at Que Bajo in New York.

The production on the record is helped out by Cassady, and is good mix of classic cumbias with remixed material:

Sabo & Cassady-Kuff Kumbia

Here's the tracklist:

Friday, October 09, 2009


As you can probably already tell we're becoming huge fans of DJ Mpula out of Lisboa. We've posted links to his mix for Akwaaba Music and to his album as part of Batida. He's doing some of my favorite African electronic tracks out there, pushing the modern electronic sounds of Kuduro, but with a seemingly deep knowledge of older musics, explicitly referencing the roots of the genre but keeping it fresh and contemporary with great results. The kind of thing I fiend for. One of the tracks available on the Batida album Dance Mwangole is Bazuka. It's a good Kuduro track with heavy bass, but there's another element in there that really draws me deeply into it. I discovered what after hearing the original on Akwaaba Music's Carlos Lamartine release. Listen to both here:


Carlos Lamartine-Bassoka

I'm sure there are plenty of samples to dig for equally amazing old school originals on the Batida album. Semba music is so romantic to me, combining the sound of bands I remember hearing as a youth like T.P. Ok Jazz, and Orchestra Super Mazembe, with the Angolan flavor that I seem to be addicted to as an adult.

Buy Carlos Lamertine's on at Akwaaba Music or through itunes or at amazon.

And check out an interview with him here:

Akwaaba meets Carlos Lamartine from Akwaaba Music on Vimeo.

Wine an go Down

The latest Heatwave mix is a hammer.

Earlier this summer I was walking through Brixton market, Atlantic road where you can pick up the latest bootlegged cd dancehall jams blasting from pavement soundsystems. Normally its straight Mavado or Munga but that day I did a doubletake. I was hearing some hype vocals but the riddim wasn't the normal bashment stutter. It was faster and 4/4. Whoa. Turned out to be Aidonia spitting over Crazy Cousin's funky anthem Inflation, a massive track called Bounce.

The ever excellent Heatwave have taken this awesome sonic crossover of UK funky beats with JA vocals and made a wicked mix of literally Funky Bashment. Basically every tracks a banger. Especially Natalie Storm's special Heatwave version of Play Di Ting.

Heatwave - Funky Bashment

This is proper Friday night London party music. Catch The Heatwave tonight in Brixton at The Rest is Noise, 11-1am. I'll be there...

Angola Direto

Not often I get sent music direct from Angola. DJ Eridson has sent me some of his new tracks an remixes including his version of Samim's Heater. Further proving that the one way street is a two way street. Download his 7 tearing kuduro tracks here.

DJ Eridson - 2009 Mix

For more kuduro check his imeem and youtube page.