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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Colombian Dancehall con Champeta!

Champeta dj(2)

Regular readers here will know that we are big fans of Colombian Champeta. Today at WFMU I posted a Colombian Dancehall tune with what I hear as Champeta influences, produced by DJ Buxxi, one of the big producers from the island of San Andres. I was put on to San Andres by the great Geko Jones back when he posted on its Spanish-English Creole culture and music scene after a trip to Colombia. This kind of stuff is exactly what I'm looking for these days, Reggaeton-Champeta-Dancehall blending well with the Hip Hop and Dancehall influenced hybrids currently busting out of West and East Africa.

DJ Buxxi & DJ Buñuelo-Rumba Loca feat. Eddy Jey & el Michel (Direct Download)

I also posted about the Nairobi group Just A Band, who's interesting videos combine with European and American influenced soundtracks, adding diversity to a vibrant urban music scene in Kenya.


Dave Quam said...

holy FUCK this track is hot! I don't know much about Champeta, will have to stop sleeping.

carsten said...

whoa shit! loving it!