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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti Relief

I need to say little about the severity of the current situation in Port-au-Prince. Aid is obviously desperatley needed now.

Supporting Shelter Box is a great way to help. This disaster relief charity ships crates of vital items including tents, tool kits, water purification tablets and crayons to amuse kids.

There are numerous other charities that can also be supported but The Red Cross seems to be another way to helping aid to arrive where needed.

And to the music of Haiti.

The typical images of zombies, crazed witch doctors and human sacrifices in Hatian Voodoo are somewhat redundant in this age. Contemporary Voodoo music has it's heart in the percussive rhythms of the Nigerian tribal drumming, Afro-Cuban music and the ceremonial sounds of Brazilian Candomble. A few years ago Soul Jazz released a great compilation of recent Voodoo drumming music used as a method of releasing the spirits of voodoo into worshipers. This kind of music is rarely released or heard in the UK and it's intense but also pretty funky.

Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin - Congo (mediafire)

Buy Voodoo Drums (Soul Jazz Records)

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