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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Merchants of Nairobi

Ocassionally we post some excellent photography. Previously we've had the work of Barbara Wagner in Brazil, Tunchi in Peru (and some of my snaps in Nicaragua which are far from excellent but of similar tone).

The new book by Steve Bloom documents the fragile economic situation of businessmen and women of Nairobi, but as the book explains its a

"tribute to the creativity and generosity of the human spirit. It is also timely, for it depicts a world that is changing fast. Hand-painted hoardings are rapidly being obliterated by advertisements for mobile phone networks and other expanding brands. While that is good news for some of the people we meet here, it adds an extra poignancy to this celebration of the resourcefulness and resilience of their lives".

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ya_man said...

hellll goooooooooood pic.big up