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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Mexican Bass Studies

Pic: MesoAmerica

This has been up at a few places but in case you didn't get it - Monterrey's finest Toy Selectah hits back with a sweet remix of the infectious new Vampire Weekend single, Cousins. Seems a notable Mexican/central American influence on their new album from the first single, Horchata, to the album title, Contra and even the drummer wearing a Chivas shirt in the video below.

Vampire Weekend - Cousinz (Toy Selectah RMX)

And I can't wait to go back to Mexico in March. Tribal Guarachero, Pasito durangese and of course cumbia are high on my hunting list.

Old Vamanos colleagues, Hammer & Tongs have made an awesome video for the single. Big ups to Dom, Nick and Garth.


mervis said...

Hey, thanks for the link.

The picture is actually from Zunil, Guatemala - although it's easy to imagine a similar tableau in a small town in Mexico's Chiapas state during fiesta time.

Vamanos said...

Awesome photo, thanks for the correction.