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Saturday, January 02, 2010


Yet another supreme compilation from Soundway, Tumbélé! reaps a great collection of songs from The French caribbean islands of Martinique & Guadeloupe during 1963-74. The jagged driving funk of these tracks is alarming. A crazy concoction of French, African, latin, calypso and local Biguine flavours. Hard island funk, scattering tumbling drums and an urgency thats as unpredictable as it is raucous.

"The deep and introspective sounds of Monsieur Dolor and Guadeloupean hero Robert Loison show the deep African roots of the music – songs born out of the plantations, with an insistent rhythm and mournful vocals that are unique to these islands."

Abel Zénon - Pas O Soué La (zshare)

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Dave Quam said...

i've been wanting to hear this one, sounds like a great comp.

SdC said...

Another great comp is Panama! 3 (Calypso Panameño, Guajira Jazz & Cumbia Típica on the Isthmus 1960–75) released by Soundway Records :

Happy new year Ghetto Bassquake Crew. Keep up the good vibes and no mercy for the bad vibes in 2010.