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Monday, February 22, 2010


After being lucky enough to hear Toy Selectah's great lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy last week, it really got me thinking (uh-oh) about how one releativly simple style of music has branched out in so many awesome directions, from the Aztec rave of Tribal Guarachero to the Bass kicks of Texan Crunk Cumbia to the even the relatively commercially crossover leanings of Toy's own work with Vampire Weekend. Its all good basically! Toy gave a great overview and background of how the genre has exploded from its folk origins and subsequent widespread commercial success in Latin America to the rest of the world seen in heavily sampled hits from Timbaland to Michael Clies. The raw folk roots of Cumbia lends itself nicely to other metagenres. Adaptability.

DJ Orion of the excellent Texas based Peligrosa blog has made fine collection of editss rely heavily on the actual original Colombian cumbias, using the beats to subtly underpin the riddims, giving the originals a chance to shine and blast for the dancefloor. His awesomely refreshing Baltimore, Hip Hop and Bass driven Cumbia jams are available to download via his pay-wot-U-want Bandcamp site. Go get 'em.

And if you're in the US be sure to check out his live sets at Que Bajo?! in New York and his own Peligrosa parties at SXSW.


Check out the full lecture by Toy Selectah

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