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Monday, February 08, 2010


Batida - "Bazuka"

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We've been on about the awesome album by lisbon's Batida for a while. Now they're dropping a great video for their Bazuka single. Born out of their Fazuma radio show, they're making some of the most exciting lusophone stuff we've heard for a while - melodic kuduro with Angolan folk samples. This video is the result of hours combing the RTV Africa archives and tells the story behind the song. Pedro from Batida says:

"Bazuka" is based on the testimony of a popular in our documentary "É Dreda Ser Angolano", who raises an unanswered question: "Who drafted me?". He was "drafted" as a child, or recruited and forced to fight in war, got lost from his family and survived with serious health problems. We found him in Luanda in 2005. He has a name. He is the unknown soldier of the Colonial and Civil War in Angola. Has "got two pieces of shrapnel from the war, in his head" and faces a new battle everyday: The survival in time of peace. "Ya. That..s all i have to say."

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