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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


D.C. Africans! (+ more Sierra Leone pride!)

Wale comes with the video for his Bunny Mack sampling Afro Disco jam! I have to say when Wale reps D.C. through Go Go or Nigeria and Africa it is when he, in my opinion, is at his best.

I'd like to take a second to mention the shock and sadness I feel that Google has decided to take down without warning the Masalacism blog. I hope the Montreal crew is able to recover as much as possible and be reborn under a better more free blogging software. We are planning here to get off of blogger and on to a more friendly platform. Hopefully now sooner than later.


Vamanos said...

We know how much hard work and time the Masala crew put into their great blog and hope they can recover all the goodness they've put up over the last few years. Good luck from all at GBQ.

Dave Quam said...

what happened to Masala?

I was thinking of getting on wordpress but it kind of drives me crazy

Vamanos said...

They got hit with Google's new regime