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Friday, February 26, 2010

LV Kwaito mix for Blackdown

Bit late on this one (it's sometimes hard to check emails in Peru let alone check out new mixes and then blog about them) but I thought i'd follow GBQ'S recent Kwaito love by linking to Martin 'Blackdown' Clarks blog which has an excellent mix by Hyperdub'ss LV.

This in turn got me thinking that what makes the Funky/Post-Funky/Future Garage (whatever) axis a great mutation of the 'nuum is that whilst it isn't exactly a step forward (it is more of a step sidewards) it does however open itself up to the rest of the world and allows its DJs to pull in tracks from places like South Africa. Check this awesome Jam City mix, which was posted over at Dot Alt a few months ago, as a great example.


Ben said...

Blackdown's blog link doesnt work. Also love the terms post-funky and future garage...

Vamanos said...

Links fixed. Cheers ben.