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Thursday, March 11, 2010

CDR Mexica

Pleased to say that all three of us from Ghetto Bassquake are in the Americas right now. I´m in Mexico city.
Aside from eating the best tacos I could only have ever dreamed about, I´ve been hunting down some music in the city´s markets. They are huge and kind of swallow you up. The mercardo de Sonora, is the witches market, where I took this photo, was pretty crazy, selling everything from voodoo stuff, (even Afro-Caribbean spirtiual drumming CDRs) to pets - Damn I never knew you could get that many puppies in one cage! So here is some awsome Tribal guarachero that I picked up today directo. More to come soon..

DJ Juanito - El Puñetazo Tribal (Cajete del ojo)

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