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Monday, March 22, 2010

The KrackMaxter

Was chatting with Dave Quam about the utter unsung GENIUS of Portugal's DJ Normal Nada. We both realised that we haven't blogged his stuff as it seemed too special to tell the world but both decided that that kind of attitude is pretty lame and NN deserves mad props for making some of the craziest beautiful music out there.

1. He produced possibly the finest Funana track in the world - Duda's Dja Txiga Nha Bes

2. His tight productions range from the hardest kuduro to the most melodic Kizomba, Kuduro, Funana, Tarraxinha, Gumbé, Coupé-Décale that kicks most other producers out of the water.

3. His website is an incredible treasure trove of free music that should be downloaded and rinsed.

4. He has a crazy screaming name drop on loads of his tracks calling himself The KrackMaxster.

5. No one else can claim to making an incredible 2 minute piece of melodic, breakneck speed, beauty like this song, defying any genre. Easily one of my favourite tracks of the year.

Normal Nada - Kukiza k Kuia

Which is from a massive collection of tracks his free downloadable album.

DJ Normal Nada -Estrago Vol 1 (Megaupload)

6. He is a cartoonist and posts up his illistrations as well as a pretty big selection of videos, music software and porn.


Dave Quam said...

7. I found 4 pictures in one of his mixtape folders...

a) A picture of a fat girls ass made to look like a hamburger.

b) A risque shot of some barely legal looking white girl titled "you better check a nigga"

c) A picture of 3 blue monkeys

d) A picture of a turtle licking a popsicle

Vamanos said...


Dave Quam said...

Also, what exactly is Gumbe?

Vamanos said...

Had a quick look on youtube and apparently its "A Gumbe is a rhythm from Guinea-Bissau which has influence Caribbean music."

Pretty cool and sounds kinda Ghanian to me.

Rizzla said...

so true re: secret time is over - such a dj friendly producer his production is so useful

Boima said...
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