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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nakupenda Nairobi

I promised awhile back to highlight some favorite tracks from my Nairobi CD-R shopping, but I've been busy in my underground bunker cookin' up nuclear bombs like Iran.

So to catch up a little here's another Hey Baby tune, but this time a smooth pop anthem by my favorite Kenyan producers Ogopa DJs.

Marya feat. Colonel Mustapha-Hey Baby

When I was in Kenya I was digging a track that I mentioned sounded like Kwaito, and was met with confused looks and told that it was actually Kapuka. I don't know if this one is Kapuka or Genge or what they difference between genre names in Nairobi are (ok a little wikipedia-ing says this is Kapuka), but the drums bang, and it's a nice mid tempo tune for when the dance is too hot or nicely warming up.

I do know that "nakupenda" means I love you and that if I get the party right in Austin and San Antonio next week, I'll definitely drop this in a set. If you're in Austin March 17th or 19th, or San Antonio March 20th, come by to one of the parties from the flyers below and say hi:

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Dave Quam said...

this track is total lollipop, in a good way!