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Monday, March 29, 2010

Secousse Radio Live from Hackney

On Friday night A.J. Holmes and myself played some tunes on London Fields Radio in Hackney.

Download or stream here.

Lucas Seque - unknown
Las Pisikatas - Leyes de Reforma
Dutch Rhythm Combo - Alerta ft ISA GT
DJ Takalani - unknown
JR feat. HHP - Show Dem
Batida - Yumbala
Sleigh Bells - Crown on The Ground (demo)
Problem Child - Party Animal
Xylitol - Alomo (A.J. Holmes Remix)
Radioclit - Tutule Dance
Afrikan Boy - My name is Kunta Kinte (demo)
Erick Rincon - La Bomba Tribal
DJ Juanito - El Punetazo Tribal
DJ Moises - Single Ladies
Duda - Dja Txiga nha bes
Super Combo - Ngombu

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