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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Waka Waka Waka Hey

DJ Mai$taH - Waka Waka (Bubbling Remix)

Read a nice story about discovering the origins of this song by heading over to the WFMU Blog. Me and Dave at It's After the End of the World had some fun going back and forth with versions, trying to find the original melody, and what language/meaning the words had.

The post before that was an extended version of my last Janka Nabay post over here. Read that and the entire archive of my WFMU posts by clicking here.

Also shout out to Oakland! I've been having a blast playing here lately. Last week I got a chance to play the amazing People Party, with Eko, Cali, Be Brown, and Cecil. I also joined up for Santero's B-Day at Lukas, and last night the Recess party with DJ Soul Profess. It seems like Oakland is the place to be these days!

People Party
Photo by Bryon Malik @ The People Party


Narain said...

I think this is a Hindu, Carribean or Bigi Poku Sranang(Surinam) song. Surinam is country in South America between French Guyana, Brasil & Venezuala. Waka Waka is there a very common well known song sang by Bigi Poku band Trafassi (google that band!). They sing Dutch and Negroe English(which are the two language spoken in Surinam). I play lots of Bigi Poku music because I have Surinamese family.

Bubbling is music genre from the ABC Islands and the Netherlands.

I hope this helps!

Love & Fun,


William said...

This was sung by African soildiers based in East Africa during world war two. I am aware ex soildiers in Ghana who were in east africa sung it. I mean it!!!!