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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Destroy Borders

ZWART LICHT - DUBTRIP (FS GREEN REMIX) from mixin creativity on Vimeo.

Last summer on my trip around Europe I spent some time in Amsterdam visiting a couple of electronic music/hip hop festivals. A couple weeks back on the WFMU blog, I talked about Zwart Licht, the above group whom I saw at the Applesap festival. They got my attention because of their heavy UK Dubstep and US influenced beats, and the reaction they incited in the crowd. See them tearing down the place at Oosterpark, over on that post.

In that post I kind of veer off on my impressions of the racial environment in Amsterdam. I find the cultural production and identity play in immigrant youth culture in Northern Europe so interesting. It seems that in places like the Netherlands, youth of color are carving out a niche to define their place in a nation where people don't traditionally look like them. There is varying degrees of acceptance and backlash, originality and imitation, but perhaps they are on the way to having the kind of cultural impact similar communities have had in the U.S. or the U.K.

And then there's Arizona.

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