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Monday, May 17, 2010

Assume Crash Position

Last weekend I was lucky enough to catch the incredible Congolese Trance hurricane of Konono No1. at Matt Groening's ATP (live clip) alongside brilliant sets from Amadou & Mariam and Toumani Diabate.
Anyways, Konono smashed it, like a Brazilian street carnival warped through a rusty Congolese distortion pedal. They've just dropped an awesome new album called Assume Crash Position on Crammed Discs. This is a particularly nice one.

Konono No 1. - Guiyome

Buy it here or here

And for the vinyl lovers Crammed have released a full Congotronic box set featuring an amzing collection of material by Konono No1, Kassai Allstars & Staff Benda Bilili.

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