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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I've had only a couple of DMCA take down notices, luckily not a full blog removal like others (yet). The latest came last week removing a post from 2007 - I've actually got a secret back up of this blog over at wordpress so you can see the post here.

In it, i simply posted an mp3 by Collie Buddz. The Z-share link is dead and probably has been for a couple of years. I also included a link to a retailer where the album could be purchased. So, what exactly is Google's issue with this post ? - The dead file share link ? I doubt it. My suspicions are that the DMCA notices attack random post on blogs that share music without actually researching what the blog's background or intensions.

Good job we're outta here asap....

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Guillaume / Valeo said...

Please do get away from there!