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Monday, May 17, 2010

Do you hear the Sonora?

I had a blast running around Texas last March, hanging with friends, drinking too much, going to off the wall parties. I got to take a little break from the madness that was SXSW and hopped down to San Antonio for DJ Sonora to introduce me and Isa GT to the madness that is Sonido Mundial.

I'm headed back to Texas this weekend to play the Peligrosa party in Austin at Club Deville on Friday and then back to Sananto to meet up with Sr. Sonora to play Lava Lounge on Saturday. To understand how fun these are going to be check out this track of Lil' Wayne Afro-Colombian-Dominicanized.

Lil' Wayne-Drop the World (Sonora Remix)

Check his soundcloud for more, and see you soon Texas!

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