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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Champeta Champagne

I always find it fascinating how Champeta has evolved from Colombian DJs playing African soukous records, influencing bands of the time, to the new electronic soundsystem style - one part Baile funk, one part King Jammys.

Just found a great interview with Edwin, a champeta DJ in Cartagena over The Aesthetic Poet which is super interesting.

For a more visual take, LES ROIS CRÉOLES DE LA CHAMPETA is new documentary (French subtitles) by LUCAS SILVA & SERGIO ARRIA.

Thirty years ago, sailors brought the first African records to Colombia. Since then, DJs and black musicians have reworked these rhythms.
Adding an Afro-Colombian feel and rap and raggamuffin influences, they gave birth to a new musical mixture called Champeta, vibrating the sound systems of black shantytowns.

Check out a clip and purchase the DVD here

Tracing the origins of Champeta in the 50s right up to the 90s (before it turned properly electro), an awesome new compilation called Palenque Palenque! is released this week on Soundways filled with rattling Afro-Colobian party jams.

This is a little taster of the album which is buyable here or here.

Son Palenque - Tungalala (El Sapo)

Also check out this amazing gallery of Champeta Sound Systems at Flickr.

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