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Monday, June 21, 2010

Hunter's Music

Donso is a collaboration between European electronic musicians and Malian artists working in cultural traditions. The project is produced by Frenchie, Pierre Antoine Grison in Paris, and the music is based around Bambara hunting music and the Ngoni. Their album on Comet Records is out now.

This is a remix of their track Mogoya done by T-Bird and Maxey Blaze out of Barcelona:

Mogoya (T-Bird & Maxey Los Chicos Altos De BCN Mix)-Donso

I have a soft spot for Malian music in electronic style ever since I've heard some of Salif Keita's more contemporary experimentations. Ngoni players like Issa Bagayogo have done remix albums (which I got to be involved with) and check out for Burkinabe Yacouba Diarra the Bay Area's local Ngoni master.

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