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Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Rivalry Part 5: England vs. Algeria

Ok the World Cup is going mad. Some big teams are going down, and I love it. So how do I approach this post? Fruko already came with the pro-Algeria post and some nice Rai tunes. So I'll have to play devil's advocate a little and post something from England. Punk rock legends The Clash's anti-authoritarian jam:

The Clash-Rock the Casbah

Dedicated to Fruko, who is embodying this spirit by supporting Algeria. If this is indicative of anything in the World Cup, and especially if the upsets continue, your allegiances are gonna get confused.

Of course, Algeria heard the message:


sweater said...

hey chief boima! its Shook from Austin TX. found your blog dope!

sweater said...

hey its Austin Shook from austin tx. found your blog dope!!