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Friday, July 02, 2010

In The Studio with The Hackney Empire & Radioclit

Last winter, on January 2nd when they should have been nursing hangovers, A.J. Holmes and The Hackney Empire went into the studio with producers Radioclit to lay some tracks down for their very first studio recordings. Two days were spent laying their New Electric High Life tropical flavours down on record. 6 months later we're psyched that say that one of these songs will soon be the debut release on our all new Ghetto Bassquake label. The single is called Fraudian Slip and features longtime collaborator, African Mic Terror & Secousse's resident MC, Kastro.

Remixes from Chief Boima, DJ Erick Rincon, Uproot Andy and more.
Watch out world.

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Ben said...

Watch out indeed.