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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Richard 'Nozinja' Mthetwa

If you've heard any of Nozinja's productions on the Shangaan Electro record that we posted about here, (just released on Honest Jons), you'll know he has not only crazy production skills but a great ear for a hook. The album is an absolute stormer end to end and was compiled by Outside Music/Afropop Worldwide's Wills Glasspiegel who also signed Janka Nabay & The Very Best. Check out Will's interview with Nozinja below. Nozinja has also turned his hand to vocals on one of the tracks which is definitely one of the highlights for me, his melodic vocals soaring over high speed shangaan instrumentation. Anyways I can't recommend this record enough. Also buyable digitally on itunes etc.

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