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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Secousse World Cup Afro Special

Secousse is back this Friday 4th June with a World Cup Afro Special.

As the World Cup is coming up we thought we'd bring you a very special party of sheer African heat to celebrate. So bring your Vuvuzelas and your flags to rep your team because we've got Massive live sets from Afrikan Boy & The Hackney Empire, with DJ sets from DJ Edu (1Xtra) and The Secousse Soundsystem Ft. Radioclit, Vamanos, A.J.Holmes, Mo & Kastro. Also there will be special exclusive Secousse T-shirt giveaways from PUMA.

You can find all the info at the Notting Hill Arts club.

And here's a wicked freebie from Moroka, the newest memeber of The Secousse Sound System, who put together a great mix of classic and brand new South African Kwaito House.

( New download link)

Secousse SA House Kwaito Mix by Moroka


Thiba/taxi intro-Dj dikota
show dem- jr &hhp
bop killers -Brothers Of Peace Featuring Zulu & Costa
tops off -sdunkero
superman-big nuz
umlilo-big nuz
udaddy onemali-Cndo feat Big Nuz DJ Tira & Phila
Sasho-DJ Sox feat Tzozo & Sosha
I got money-Mzekezeke
Mzimba Shaker ft Baba Mthetwa-Dj Cleo
Choosing love-S'dunkero
Vuvuzele bafana-Sbu
Mugwanti(sgwejegweje)/taxi outro-Dj Mujava

Uproot Andy Summer Euro Tour

Brooklyn's Uproot Andy hits the road, bringing his Tropical firepower for a tour of Europe this summer. Be sure catch him with a tonne of awesome guests in your town soon.

He's sent us this exclusive mixtape made up of minimixes from Andy followed by Tete de Tigre, Jay Weed & Douster. Tracklist will be up here soon.

Uproot Andy, Tete de Tigre, Jay Weed & Douster - Brousse Criminal Mixtape


Uproot Andy
Techno Rumba (Uproot Andy RMX) - Chief Boima
Esperanto (Uproot Andy Pocoto edit) - Zombie Disco Squad
Killa Sound ft. No Lay - Zinc
Mayoral (Uproot Andy RMX) - Oscar Aviles
La Fila India rmx - Voltio ft. Sensato & DNC
Sticky Situation (Toddla T RMX) - Lady Chann
El Bebe Ambiente - Nguzunguzu
El Puchi Lockoff (5to Elemento vs Chimpo) - Uproot Andy

Tête de Tigre
Tête de Tigre – Atezca
Jamtech Foundation - Too Fast (Camel Remix)
Sekta feat Spoek – Peter Pan (Julio Bashmore remix)
Femme en fourrure - Dirty Blonde (Madkids Remix)
Loose Village – Kamuela
Shab Ruffcut – Hustler (Melé Remix)
Cubic Zirconia - Josephine (Egyptrixx Remix)

Jay Weed
Egyptrixx - everybody bleeding (kingdom remix)
Nguzunguzu - got u
Girl unit - shade on
Jay Weed - the naos
Roulet - Kitamanda (girl unit remix)
Jay weed - City Staccs
Doc daneeka - Drums in the deep
Mosca - Gold bricks, i see you

Busy Signal - Jafrican Thing
Marcus Price & Carli - Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed (Kingdom remix)
Crookers ft. Yelle - Cooler Cooler (Douster remix)
Bobmo - Spinning all arround (Douster remix)
DJ sega x Lil Jon - Be remix x Machuka
DVA - Ganja
Shystie - Pull it (Ill Blu Remix)
Douster & Savage Skulls ft. Chords - Rendez-Vous

Uproot Andy Summer Euro Tour Dates

> 27.05 // Uproot Andy + Twist It + Dj Bassleer (Rebel Up!) + Bison @ Bazaart // BRUSSELS (BE)
> 28.05 // Uproot Andy @ Bomb Diggy //AMSTERDAM (NL)
> 29.05 // Uproot Andy @ Worm // ROTTERDAM (NL)
> 02.06 // Jay Weed+ Tete de Tigre + Douster + Bison @ Social Club // PARIS (FR)
> 03.06 // Solo + Uproot Andy + Jay Weed + Tete de Tigre +Guests !! @ La Marquise // LYON (FR)
> 04.06 // Schlachthofbronx + Uproot Andy + Douster @ Distorsion Festival //COPENHAGEN (DK)
> 05.06 // Uproot Andy + Douster + Mowgli @ L'Autre Canal // NANCY (FR)
> 10.06 // Uproot Andy + Jay Weed+ Tête de Tigre @ Hinterhof // BASEL (CH)
> 11.06 // Uproot Andy + Jay Weed+ Tête de Tigre @ Altes Wettbüro //DRESDEN (D)
> 12.06 // Uproot Andy + Jay Weed+ Tête de Tigre @ Superkronik // LEIPZIG (D)
> 18.06 // Uproot Andy - "Dublin Tropical"Birthday Party w/ ZZK Club : Fauna, El Remolon, EL G @ Twisted Pepper-DUBLIN(IR)
> 19.06 // Uproot Andy - "Muevete" w/ DJ iZem (Groovalizacion) @ Notting Hill Arts Club / LONDON (UK)
> 24.06 // Uproot Andy + Bomba Estereo @ Glazaart // PARIS (FR)
> 25.06 // Uproot Andy + Tête de Tigre + Schlachthofbronx + Daniel Haaksman @ Zoo (Usine) // GENEVA (CH)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shangaan - Old and New

Sometimes i spend hours on youtube just burrowing through all of the videos, there are times when i stop and realise i have to stop and that i should have gone to bed two hours ago, but sometimes i find stuff like this

It seems as though Shangaan is really taking off, Eddie Stats has mentioned it not once but twice in recent weeks. Apparently Outside Music's Wills Glasspiegel plans to release some in the near future, that will sit very nicely next to all Kwaito comps which help us to actually hear decent versions of this and not to have to make do with youtube clips.

Vamanos' mate Mo, one of the Secousse Sound System, kindly sent over some old Shangaan mp3s, check this one by Nozinja below

Nozinja - N'wagezani

I'm really hoping somebody out there will create some supermix of sped up beats that takes in Juke, Funana, Bubu, Shangaan and a whole heap of other stuff. When Salem posted a Juke mix on XXJFG a while back they even managed to fit some Gabber in there...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Panama Turf War

Everyone's favourite Panamanian-Bay Area reggaetonica hyphie rockers, Los Rakas have just dropped their sick new video for 'Soy Raka'. As you can see it's mad sunny and full of nuts dances I can't do. If you haven't got it yet, grab their Hold Yuh refix by Uproot Andy that Boima posted and their highly awesome mixtape.

Via The Fader

Monday, May 17, 2010

Assume Crash Position

Last weekend I was lucky enough to catch the incredible Congolese Trance hurricane of Konono No1. at Matt Groening's ATP (live clip) alongside brilliant sets from Amadou & Mariam and Toumani Diabate.
Anyways, Konono smashed it, like a Brazilian street carnival warped through a rusty Congolese distortion pedal. They've just dropped an awesome new album called Assume Crash Position on Crammed Discs. This is a particularly nice one.

Konono No 1. - Guiyome

Buy it here or here

And for the vinyl lovers Crammed have released a full Congotronic box set featuring an amzing collection of material by Konono No1, Kassai Allstars & Staff Benda Bilili.

Petrona in Space

Ok, I have to wrap up this little post fest with the final track (last but not least) of my latest favorite afrolatinoclubremix tracks. New York's Nate Mars comes with a great half time dancehall remix of a Petrona Martinez tune.

Petrona Martinez-ARoRo (Nate Mars Remix)

Nate just released a full length album, Concentric Circles. Buy it here, or iTunes. Check out HIS soundcloud for more!

Do you hear the Sonora?

I had a blast running around Texas last March, hanging with friends, drinking too much, going to off the wall parties. I got to take a little break from the madness that was SXSW and hopped down to San Antonio for DJ Sonora to introduce me and Isa GT to the madness that is Sonido Mundial.

I'm headed back to Texas this weekend to play the Peligrosa party in Austin at Club Deville on Friday and then back to Sananto to meet up with Sr. Sonora to play Lava Lounge on Saturday. To understand how fun these are going to be check out this track of Lil' Wayne Afro-Colombian-Dominicanized.

Lil' Wayne-Drop the World (Sonora Remix)

Check his soundcloud for more, and see you soon Texas!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Esta ciudad es una ciudad fantasma

Everyone knows the clubbing situation in Buenos Aires has been harsh in the last few years.

Although it gave us the awesomeness of the BumBumBox/Comeme crew, once winter hits we can't be expecting them to play us DJ sets in the park where Ron Hardy tracks are mixed with Peruvian Chica every weekend.

The awesome Fantasma however, have stepped in with a perfectly timed cover of The Specials' 'Ghost Town' (which you can download below) to soundtrack the harshness of an Argentinian winter whilst you in the northern hemisphere enjoy summer.

Fantasma - Ghost Town

This actually takes over Kode9 and The Spaceape's version as my favourite cover of the track. Listen to the close second below and check out more of what Fantasma are up to here

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ghetto Bassbook

We made a Facebook Group. Come and join.

Ghetto Bassquake Facebook Group

(Promise not to send you lots of irrelevant messages)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Svenska Palmas

Swedish Tropical Master Blasters, High Life are kinda of our Secousse scandinavian cousins. Apart from destroying Stockholm with their awesome parties, they are shit hot good times DJs too. They just did a great mini mix for Radio P3, basically the only decent music station in Sweden. Git It...

P3 Pop Mini-Mix! by High Life

1. Douster - King Of Africa
2. Ida Engberg & David West - Abtaka
3. Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts
4. Africarribean Connections - My Name Is Afro Blue
5. Dj Caloudji, Dj Arafat, Marginal, Serpent Noir & Tevecinq- Pipo
6. Meiway - DJ Tassouman
7. Chief Boima - Jesus Faroter
8. Dj Gregory & Sidney Samson - Dama S Salon
9. Killamu - Sukuma
10. Batida - Yumbala
11. Kassav - Zouk La Se Sel Medikaman Nou Ni

Ethiopique Rockers Throwback

Loving this new one from Nas & Damian Marley. Sampling the classic Mulatu Asteke track, Yegelle Tezeta. Released on 18th May by VP. Sounding like some old Wu Tang bizniz.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I've had only a couple of DMCA take down notices, luckily not a full blog removal like others (yet). The latest came last week removing a post from 2007 - I've actually got a secret back up of this blog over at wordpress so you can see the post here.

In it, i simply posted an mp3 by Collie Buddz. The Z-share link is dead and probably has been for a couple of years. I also included a link to a retailer where the album could be purchased. So, what exactly is Google's issue with this post ? - The dead file share link ? I doubt it. My suspicions are that the DMCA notices attack random post on blogs that share music without actually researching what the blog's background or intensions.

Good job we're outta here asap....

Sunday, May 02, 2010

One for Saturday Night

On my way out the door, headed to my gig at Little Baobab, I had to share this track, which I'm really excited to drop tonight. Rico of Los Rakas did this after being inspired by the huge response he saw Hold Yuh getting in New York when he visited a little while back.

The track is big, on the way to becoming a crossover smash (it's the keys!) and right now there's a bunch of versions out there, but this is my new favorite.

Rico "Filthy Rich" (Los Rakas)-Abrazame feat. Fabiola